🔍 Community Preparedness: 9 Things to Do in the Shadow of Election Year

🔍 Community Preparedness: 9 Things to Do in the Shadow of Election Year

As we approach the unfolding drama of the election year, the shadows cast can be unsettling. But within the uncertainty, lies the power to prepare and fortify our communities. Here are 9 things you can do to navigate the upcoming election challenges:

Educate yourself:

  • Start with knowledge. The most impactful policies are decided at the local and state level. Use resources like ballotready.org and ballotpedia to get a clear picture of what to expect on the ballot.

Make a plan to vote:

  • If you are voting, get together with your friends and make a plan to go vote together. Especially if you’re in an area where you may expect some contentious activity, you don’t have to go alone. 

Emergency Planning:

  • Prepare for the unexpected. As we’ve seen, some of the most extreme violence will most likely come AFTER the election is decided. No matter who wins. With the Dem candidate wins we can expect heavy protesting from Republican supporters, and if the Rep candidate wins, we know we can expect violent factions to become emboldened with power.

Community Defense Workshops:

  • Equip your community with self-defense and de-escalation workshops. Ensure that everyone feels empowered to keep their community safe. Firearms are secondary here, learn to use your body. If you’re someone who has fighting skills or does BJJ do your damnedest to recruit your friends, and be the point of entry for others in your community.

Disability Plans

  • Check in with your friends living with disabilities and see how you can help them with either plans to vote, or at least meet their basic needs while sheltering-in-place during post-election unrest.

Collaborative Initiatives:

  • Collaborate with other communities and organizations. Strength comes from unity, and working together can amplify your impact. Find clubs and organizations that want to learn more and educate their members as well.

Media Literacy Programs:

  • Combat misinformation by organizing workshops on media literacy. Equip your community with the skills to discern credible information from the noise.

Resilience and support:

  • Invest in resilience training for community members. Build mental and emotional resilience to face challenges with strength and determination, and make sure that support networks are put into place to support each other.

In the face of uncertainty, preparation is our shield. Let's face the upcoming election year with knowledge, unity, and a commitment to building resilient communities.

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